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HannaH's Originals

I love storytelling with papermache/paperclay and I hope my one of a kind projects tell a little story to make you smile.

Papermache is my new working material at the moment, and my most favourite dog, the English Bull Terrier is my new focus.

In 2020 I lost my 13,5 year old Mini Bull Terrier Diego,(see Bio for pics of him and Poppy) I will always love this breed, even not having one myself at the moment, it’s still much fun to work on projects with this precious breed as a subject.

Just discovered how fantastic it is to work with paperclay and how to incorporate that in to small artsy Bull Terrier projects. I am not trying to exactly make copies from real Bull Terriers, I’m trying to make them in my own style so they become recognizable as HannaH’s Originals. I am working on a collection of real English Bull Terrier Collector Items, signed with HannaH's Originals made from PaperMache & mixed media with all kind of Bullies in a variety of themes and sizes.

But the most important part for me is that every project tells its own little story.

Every projects is unique & one of a kind. All are different in size, colours etc.. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do !! My first projects are now available in my Gallery

Are you a real English Bull Terrier fanatic as much as I am, wel keep an eye on this site.

I will make other themed projects in the near future. 

If you follow me on Insta you can see my Work in Progress there. 

Once finished I will show them also first on Instagram and then on my Facebook page.


Small video's can be watched on my Youtube channel.

Would you like to buy one of my unique projects then please visit the Gallery


and how to order etc. on the How

I will no longer be selling my Art on the Etsy platform.  Only here!!!

In all my projects I use papermache/paperclay, paper, wood, wire, sometimes polymere clay for the little thingies, acrylic paint, acrylic vernish, beads and other small materials. 

If you have any questions or want more info, feel free to contact me.

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