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Unique Collectors Item

Bullies Family Time  €475,-


Bullies Family Time gives you a glimps in a Vintage Livingroom of a English Bull Terrier Family in the 1930th of the previous century.

Having a good time listening to music and enjoying each others company. 

A family portret on the wall, a old fashioned Gramophone, a kittycat table, a radio and a vase with flowers and a bird, curtains in style and a lamp to complete the livingroom. And the little pupper got a real drum for his birthday :) 

I make Papermache from paperpulp/clay and this gets really hard once dried.

The eyes of the bullies are made of pinheads, the whole scene is based on 3 wooden blocks. Also the curtain rail is made of wood as is the little drum. The curtains are made of painter's tape and finished with decopage paper and acrylic varnish. The roses are from paper and finished with varnish. 

Other materials I have used are: acrylic paint,  transparant acrylic vernish, metal wire.

All my objects are signed with HannaH's Originals and year of making.

You will get a truly Unique Collectors item !!!

A real HannaH's Original Papermache Object to display proudly in your own home.


Please be aware that I don't ship to certain countries & due to the COVID-19 situation, your shipment can be delayed or got stuck at customs for a periode of time depending on which country you live in!!! 

Height about 21 cm /  8.27 inches
Width: about 25 cm /  9.84 inches
Length : about 15,5 cm /  6.10 inches

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