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Unique Collectors Item

Bullies Happy Bathing Time  €250,-


If you are a true Bull Terrier Fan like me, you know not all bullies like water, mine would ignore me for days after a much needed bath, hahaha. So I just know you will get instant happy looking at these Bull Terriers taking a bath.


With a bathtub duckling, water (raisin/epoxy) and the one with a towel waiting for the other to come out of the bath. How sweet is that?

Everything (except for the eyes) is made of Papermache and the towel is made of fabric and the water is made of epoxy/raisin.

Other materials I have used are: acrylic paint,  transparant acrylic vernish.

All my objects are signed with HannaH's Originals and year of making.

You will get a truly Unique Collectors item !!!

A real HannaH's Original Papermache Object to display proudly in your own home.


Please be aware that I don't ship to certain countries & due to the COVID-19 situation, your shipment can be delayed or got stuck at customs for a periode of time depending on which country you live in!!! 

Height:   about 18,5 cm / 7,28 inches
Width: about 14 cm / 5,51  inches
Length : about 12  cm / 4,72 inches

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