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Unique Collectors Item

Bull Terriers  Swirlride with Ticketbox  € 450,-

Your own swhirlygig from the fair at your home, it really swirls ( manually /by hand ) and you can get a real ticket for the ride at the tickbox !  If this doesn't makes you happy and smile, I don't know what will :) 

All Bull Terriers ( except for the little pupper in the ticket box ) are removable are put in place after your own liking ( but be careful and aware it isn't a toy).

I bet all your fellow Bullterriërs fans will be soooo jalous if they see it in your collection, hahaha.

Materials I have used are: acrylic paint,  transparant acrylic vernish, metal wire, decopatch/decoupage paper, small steel chains, tooth picks.

All my objects are signed with HannaH's Originals and year of making.

You will get a truly Unique Collectors item !!!

A real HannaH's Original Papermache Object to display proudly in your own home.


Please be aware that I don't ship to certain countries & due to the COVID-19 situation, your shipment can be delayed or got stuck at customs for a periode of time depending on which country you live in!!! 

Swirlride / Swirlgig

Diameter:   about 30  cm / 11.81 inches
Height : about 37 cm / 14.57  inches

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