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Unique Collectors Item

Bullies Bedtime Stories  €375,-


In Bullies Bed Time Stories, you are reading to the little bully pupper, the book has blank pages so you can use your own imagination and that of the pupper to read what ever comes to your mind.


Because the little pupper is tired of playing with the train, and all his other toys, a small story is enough to let it sleep safe and sound in no time. Of course the alarm clock for the morning wake up call is laying ready to ring.  The stuffed animal must be hold tight if you want to have a good nights sleep.


Sleep tight little pupper ! 

A few items can be placed where ever you want them in the story, (the bear and the ladder, the stuffed animal in the arm of the pupper, the rocking bullterrier and the blanket on the bed ) the rest is fixed to the bed.

I am sure these scenery will make you smile every time you look at it.  Are if you are planning to gift this to a fellow english bullterrier lover, you will be the hero of the day :)

Everything (except for the eyes) is made of Papermache/paperclay and the base is made of a wooden box but covered with paperclay. 

Other materials I have used are: acrylic paint,  transparant acrylic vernish, metal wire, decopatch/decoupage paper and wood ( at the base of this project )

All my objects are signed with HannaH's Originals and year of making.

You will get a truly Unique Collectors item !!!

A real HannaH's Original Papermache Object to display proudly in your own home.


Please be aware that I don't ship to certain countries & due to the COVID-19 situation, your shipment can be delayed or got stuck at customs for a periode of time depending on which country you live in!!! 

Height:   about 24 cm / 9.45 inches
Width: about 16 cm / 6.30  inches
Length : about 20  cm / 7.87 inches

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